IM-Lab(Intelligent Media Laboratory) is a research lab of School of Information Engineering, which is focused on computer graphics & vision, and the special topic including physically based animation(fluid & deformation), photorealistic & non-photorealistic rendering, virtual reality, human computer interaction, GPGPU etc.

Supervisor: Youquan Liu, Ph.D, Associate Professor

Phone: +86-29-82334847,

Office: Room 304, School of Information Engineering Building, Middle Section of South 2nd Ring Road, Chang'an University, Xi'an, China.

What we are doing:

Large-scale Microscopic Traffic Simulation on Heterogeneous Platform


  • Jie Xiao(Master, graduated)
  • Yu Cui(Master, graduated)
  • Chao Liu(Master, graduated)
  • Kai Shi(Master, graduated)
  • Yuxia Gao(Master student, graduated)
  • Haifeng Xu(Master student, graduated)
  • Xianhe Su(Master student, graduated)
  • Di Yao(Master student)
  • Man Zhang(Master student)
  • Dan Chen(Master student, graduated)
  • Wenxue Ma(Master student, graduated)
  • Jing Zhang(Master student)
  • Wei Zheng(Master student)
  • Kai Chen(Master student)
  • Nan Cui(Master student)
  • Peng Lei(Master student)
  • Haoyu Li(Master student)
  • Xiaoli Luo(Master student)
  • Xiaocheng Yang(Undergradute student, graduated)
  • Kangxue Yin(Undergradute student)
2010-2012 Intelligent Media Laboratory of Chang'an University Updated in 4/25/2010