Xiaochen Yang
Computer Science Dept., Chang’an University,Xi’an, China   Email: grandyang@qq.com


1. Project name: Flash Cartoon Loneliness 

Click to watch http://imlab.chd.edu.cn/Xiaochen/loneliness.swf
Period: One months
Mode: Work with others
Developing Tools: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition
Description: This flash cartoon mainly talks about the definition of loneliness in the perspectives of a girl in our university. The senses in this animation are the most common ones in our daily life And this animation are hot in the website of our university.
Screen Shot:


2. Project name: Cartoon Figure Creature Software Based on NPR

Period: Six months
Mode: Work with others
Developing Tools: OpenCV, VS2005, DLL
Description: The software base on NPR (Non-photorealistic Rendering), in general involves abstraction and stylization of the target scene. When input an original image, we can get the line drawing and shape simplifying output, which enhance the noticeable feature and efface the undistinguished one.
Screen Shot:

3. Project name: Image Viewer Smartphone Software Based on Windows Mobiles

Period: One month
Mode: Individual
Developing Tools: VS2005, Window Mobiles 6.0 SDK, ActiveSync 4.5
Description: Smartphone has been popular among young generation; this software can help users view the image in their phone, and some easy image processing, such as zoom in, zoom out, rotation and so on.
Screen Shot:

4. Project name: The 3D Wandering in Chang’an University Software Based On OSG

Period: Four months
Mode: Work with others
Developing Tools: OSG, VS2005, 3Dmax, Photoshop
Description: The software base on OSG(Open Scene Graph), forming the full scene of Chang’an University with 3-Dimension molding. Freshman can use this software to wander in the virtual campus as if in the true one. It can also help them to find out where the accurate location of library and refectory. It is easy to find the optimize way between two buildings. All the buildings are molded in the 3Dmax, and the scene is formed in OSG.
Screen Shot:

5. Project name: Automatic Track Finding And Smoke Detection Car Based On 51 SCM

Period: Two months
Mode: Work with others
Developing Tools: VS2005, Protel, Circuit Board, 51SCM,Relative Materials and Tools
Description: This motor driving car is developed based on 51 SCM (Single Chip Micyoco), which find the track automatically and detect the smoke nearby. Moreover, the car can document the variety of the temperature nearby, if somewhere nearby catches a fire, it can send out a warning immediately with the LED flickering and the buzzer crying.
Screen Shot:

6. Project name: Flash Cartoon To Fade From Memory

Period: One month
Mode: mainly individual, get some help from others
Developing Tools: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition
Description: This flash cartoon mainly talks about a period of pure emotion, a boy courts his love, but gets refused, and he is so depressed and sad. After suffering, he decides to forget the morrow and sadness and to fight for future.
Screen Shot:

7. Project name: Tuifei (Cartoon Website)

Period: Two week
Mode: Individual
Developing Tools: MyEclipse 6.0, MySQL, Java SDK, Adobe Dreamweaver
Description: This cartoon website is designed for making friends who have the similar interests in Japanese cartoon series Bleach that is popular all over the world. This website can refresh the latest news about that cartoon, and cartoon fans can leave their contact information to other fans in order to make new friends. The whole website use the JSP (Java Server Pages) technology.
Screen Shot:

Exercitation Experience
I haven gone on a field trip to Hwadee Network Technology Company, Sichuan province, August in 2010. Learn the configuration of network, including IP protocol and the configuration of switchboard. The exercitation gives me much experience about the technology of network, now I can analysis a project by my own.

Special Awards
1. Merit Award in ITAT (Information Technology Application Training) Flash Cartoon Designing Competition Hold by Chinese Education Department
2. First Prize in Flash Cartoon Competition Hold by Chang’an University
3. Third Prize in Mathematical Modeling Competition Hold by Chang’an University
4. Third Prize in Software Designing Competition Hold by Chang’an University
5. Merit Award in Web Designing Competition Hold by Chang’an University
6. Excellent Student Prize in Chang’an University
7. The certificate authority of China mobile certified business strategist

Language               Fluent English, Native Mandarin, Shaanxinese Dialect
Programming         C++, C, C#, ActionScript3.0, SQL Server, JSP,
Documentation       MS Office, HTML,
Extra Curricular & Extracurricular Activities

  1. A Member of Computer Association in Chang’an University        2007-2009
  2. A Journalist in Newspaper of Chang’an University              2007-2008
  3. The Minister of Web Department in Student Union       2008-2009
  4. A Volunteer in Teaching Support to Elementary School in Lantian county near XI’an City         2009.7

Playing Basketball, Swimming, Playing Guitar, Traveling